Mini Stair Stepper – Advantages and Disadvantages

If you’ve been looking for a small, portable stepper then you have probably come across the term “mini stair stepper” along the way. The main difference between an ordinary stair stepper and twist steppers is the addition of a sideways motion in addition to the traditional up and down step motion which gives something like the feel of skating. If you never heard of stair stepper, then don’t worry we will guide you to choose the best mini steppers of 2018 in this article.

Types of Steppers

There are many different types of steppers available on the market. Some are cheap while others are expensive. Mini twist steppers are available in several different styles and can be bought with optional resistance bands to give a full body workout when used in conjunction with the step machine itself. This buyer’s guide to twist steppers offers various mini stepper reviews and offers practical advice on where to find the best prices and which stepping machines are right for you.

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Advantages of stair steppers

The great thing about mini steppers is just how small and lightweight they are. Normally when you think of exercise machines the things which come to mind are treadmills, exercise bikes, elliptical trainers and other large, cumbersome pieces of equipment. Even the smallest and lightest of these machines are bulky enough to make you not want to move it around too often and the thought of carting them on vacation or to the office is just ludicrous.

mini stair stepper 2018Portable steppers like the mini twist stepper exercise machines here are the solution to this problem. These compact exercise machines are ideal for taking on the road, fitting nicely into the trunk of a car or into a suitcase with room to spare so you’ll not have to break up your fitness routine just because you are going to be out of town for a few days.
This same lightweight and portable nature of a twist stepper machine makes one ideal for home use as most of us neither have the space for a bulky exercise machine nor the desire to move it around should the need arise. Foldable treadmills and other forms of fold up exercise equipment are a great space saver but they are still quite bulky and something of a nuisance to move around.

By contrast, a mini twist exercise machine is not only a lightweight exerciser but also takes up very little space making it really easy to store in a closet, stowaway under a bed or simply push into a corner or slide behind a couch for later use.

Choosing between Stepper and Elliptical Machine

Elliptical Machines are a very popular choice among costumers nowadays, because they offer the possibility of high quality exercise at home. The Precor AMT 100i elliptical machine is extremely versatile, and one doesn’t even have to push buttons on the display in order to change settings for motion and speed. At first sight the trainer might look a little bit too complicated, but in fact it is a very sturdy all in one trainer which allows for all types of physical exercise from light and up to more effortful training sessions.

The stair-stepper machines are effective exercise to “tone thigh and gluteal muscles,” notes the American College of Sports Medicine. If you want to emphasize your core, swing your arms as you would if you were running. More impact that elliptical trainer. When it comes to calories burned, the elliptical machine provides a more effective workout than the stair stepper. The motion of a stepper machine is focused almost entirely on your lower body and when the resistance of the machine is turned up, a great deal of force from your leg muscles is required to operate the pedals.

Based on your weight and intensity, you can burn up to 10 calories per minute on the elliptical. Research on injured athletes suggests that the use of a step machine as an alternative to cycling for knee rehabilitation has no harmful effect. Because you’re moving your arms and legs on the elliptical, as opposed to moving only your legs on the stair stepper, you expend more energy. Therefore not so bad for knees as often suggested. (more…)

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